We offer services of auditing and assurance to both private as well as public sector companies. Based on international norms and procedures, our trained professionals ensure that our cost- effective and accurate solutions exactly meet the specific business requirements of our clients.

Our auditing services include:

Statutory Audits:

Offered to both public and private sector companies as well as medium and small firms, our extensive experience allow us to meet the requirements of annual auditing of accounts. We ensure that applicable Indian accounting standard (Indian GAAP), standard auditing practices and statutory reporting requirements are met with.

Internal & Management Audits:

We meet the needs of certain kind of companies who are expected by law to have an internal audit mechanism. Besides, we also meet the requirements of management of progressive businesses who desire assurance with regard to their systems and transactions.

Concurrent Audits:

We meet the needs of several public and private sector banks, mutual funds etc who desire audits of all or some of their daily transactions concurrently.

Tax / VAT Audits:

Our services are based on various tax laws, including income tax laws, require audit and certification for companies who fulfill a minimum turnover criteria to enjoy tax exemptions and benefits.

Transfer Pricing Audits:

We also have rich experience of conducting transfer pricing audits for our number of clientele having global reach based their transfer pricing study and universally accepted best practices.

System & Information Systems Audits:

We study & analyze systems to help design new systems and processes for better management and smoother flow of information and documents.

Investigation and Fraud Detection:

Our financial services also help in detecting frauds and leakage of funds.

Financial and other Due Diligence Reviews:

We offer this for venture funds & parties who are interested in take-over, strategic partnerships, collaborations etc.

Conversion of financials from Indian GAAP to US GAAP and / or IFRS OR Vice Versa:

Our expert team of professionals have vast valuable experience of handling such assignments on behalf of our number of clientele based in USA / UK / Africa / UAE / Australia. Our expertise has proved us as the provider of best reconciliation statement on financials prepared under local laws. We also assist in making the other professional firm in other country understand of the local laws and standardize questionnaire to ensure smooth completion of consolidation of financials in other country / host country. On the top of that, we being independent member of Geneva Group International having strong global reach can assure the best universally acceptable practices to be adopted while converting financials.

Our structured approach, maker checker system combined with detailed working papers and management representations have made us one of the most reputed firm in providing audit and assurance services.

Internal Audit Outsourcing

A Synopsis of the work we at ZCO do:

Since outsourcing today is a clichéd approach towards noteworthy cost-effectiveness, companies have realized that employing a full team of internal auditors would be a colossal investment. We at ZCO are proud to state that though we started as audit and taxation firm, today we also spread our wings of expertise in various other professional areas and thus are the top choice of many companies globally.

Internal Audit Outsourcing:

Today, internal audit outsourcing is rapidly being gobbled up by the companies in dire need of auditors from auditing houses like ours. Our professional team works in liaison with the client company and after preparing auditing reports, directly forwards it to the Board of Directors and management of the company. With razor cut precision and efficiency, our expert auditors perform the entire internal audit consulting so that not a penny remains uncalculated.

To sum it up:

Our in-house professionals work as a part of the client company and do their preeminent in bringing to book all the expenses and will advocate on ways to control and supervise them in the future years effectively.

Internal Audit Strategic Sourcing

What is the work we do?

We at ZCO are renowned for providing detailed approach at strategic sourcing. This is a facility where our consultants and thoroughbred auditors give suggestions to the companies, on ways and means to manage the resources. Further to elaborate, we can say that we at ZCO offer pointers on how to spend on procuring raw materials or how to procure those at affordable rates and the negotiations with the suppliers and managing and tracking the implementation progress. This is in tune with the supply chain methods of manufacturing firms. Our clients have trusted Zinzuwadia & Co. with strategic sourcing for we also have infused seemingly effortless optimization techniques so that our clients get the escalating benefits of a long-term liaison with the vendors and clients.

Internal audit function is an assurance and consulting oriented activity whereby we at ZCO can help our business houses and individuals with their accounting so that they can understand the total worth of their business. Our talented professional consultants are well versed with the ever-changing taxation laws and with no hassles are committed to take your business through the internal audit function accordingly.

Internal audit involves an array of concern areas like efficacy of operations, detailed approach to releasing of all kinds of expenses and then the final accuracy at calculating the net result of the business at the end of the financial year.

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