Strategic Consulting & Training

An Outlook at the Strategic Consulting at ZCO:

We have rich experience dealing in strategic consulting and strategic training along with being a tax-auditing firm. A financial management consulting or a business strategy consulting requires accurate knowledge on where to optimize, which company should be acquired and what are the prospects of the acquired company and how cost-effective would that acquisition be. We can also find out from the strategic consulting on the ways to cut down on the expenses and increase the revenues at minimum expense of resources. This area is one of the most streamlined aspects of business, which has gained a lot of recognition and prowess since long time. We have our own thinking tank, which is dedicated in not only bringing out the best business strategies, but also in imparting effective strategic training to the clients who feel their staff needs to know the techniques.

Significance of Business Strategy Consulting:

Yes, it is indeed a very vital field of expertise and its implementation is a sure way to bring revenues to business never achieved. Strategies are adopted on a systematic manner. Firstly, our specialized consulting training will ensure your company understands the tactics to be applied and gives you the support wherever needed. This is like laying down the foundation stone to your forthcoming projects.

Once that is done, we will sit and develop new strategies after reading the current market trends and the local demand and supply chain. These are the key areas, which are to be focused if we have to work on financial management consulting.

Financial Advisory

Our financial advisory service includes plenty of functions under its matrix. We have been rendering our services to the industry peers since long time. We have experts working with us for evaluating capital structure strategy of a new company, grow business organically OR through acquisition, working for cost efficient option strategically OR debt restructuring. Apart from handling domestic consulting, we also provide international financial advisory services for the customers looking for extension in foreign lands. We also have large network of professionals / institution / banks across the globe to cater to the need of business either in form of arranging private equity / divestment / structuring low cost borrowing. On the top of that, we are also independent member firm in Geneva Group International, one of the largest international association of accounting professionals/consultants/lawyers across the globe, which is adding us flavor of positive synergy of all of their members across the globe. The salient features of our financial consulting can be stated below:

  • We help in starting up a business and project its viability in the near future. The reports for legal procedures can also be generated on demand.
  • The herculean task of generating finance is left to us once the customer hires us for financial advisory service. Our experts cover the valuation of assets and liabilities along with the business.
  • In case of winding up the business, we offer disposal services for the customers that render assistance in the whole process of selling the business entity. We cover almost every aspect of finance under our financial advisory.

The process of raising finance and authentic valuation may seem to be difficult; but the experts of ZCO make it lucid and clearly transparent. The work completed in such a manner proves to be a long-term benefit for our patrons, which generally include:

  • Business plan preparation and / or review
  • Project report preparation / appraisal
  • Strategize the most workable / feasible / cost efficient options to decide on the finance need of the business
  • Devising capital structure OR restructuring capital structure
  • Customized management system for finance modules
  • Liaisons with banks / financial institution
  • Financial due diligence audit
  • Business valuations
  • Strategics disposals (sale of business)
  • Consultation on debt restructuring
  • Advisor and consultant for private equity placement

Mergers & Acquisition

We make the process of mergers and acquisitions a lot easier for our customers. We have specialized team of experts looking after merger acquisition process and we are here to facilitate our patrons in the process of corporate mergers and acquisitions.

We adopt following process for mergers and acquisitions:

  • Devising strategy for acquisition,
  • Working on the principle consent of moving forward,
  • Conducting financial due diligence and facilitating technical due diligence,
  • Issuing an opinion on business valuation AND
  • Devising strategy for integration for attending critical areas

Which put us distinct and unique consultancy and advisory firm in the area of Mergers and Acquisitions.

We provide following services in the process of mergers and acquisitions:

  • To devise strategy for acquisition
  • To facilitate the clients in studying financial prospects of the entity to be merged
  • To conduct financial due diligence and to facilitate technical due diligence
  • To issue an opinion on business valuation
  • To arrange finance during the whole process
  • The administrative processes along with legal and financial prospects of the entity are studied and report is generated of the same
  • To devise integration process for attending critical areas

We have been working in the industry for more than one decade and the experience of more than 10 years itself present the living testimony of the organization. We have qualified and talented employee base that takes care of every aspect as mentioned above related to mergers and acquisitions.

Trade Facilitation & Representation

How do we assist?

ZCO is convinced that there are certain areas, which should be taken care of while going international. We recognize following areas as the most vital in trade facilitation:

  • The knowledge required to perform a business in foreign land is very necessary. We possess ample knowledge of international tax structures and plan your financial prospects accordingly.
  • We being from the community of responsible trade facilitators acquire sufficient details of future projects, logistics and financing. The information system in facilitating a trade is very crucial and should definitely be paid heed.
  • Our expert professionals assist in project management, which eventually plays a vital role in profit maximization.
  • Being one of the independent member firm of Geneva Group International, we do have global reach of expertise.

While making entry in a new country, region or sector, the above written points should definitely be taken care to facilitate trade. Being a proficient organization of chartered accountants gives us the required cutting edge over our competitors that eventually is carried down to customers.

Management Consultancy

  • Conducting Process Audit
  • Process and control designing
  • Preparation and / or update on Standard Operating Procedure Manual (SOP)
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